Friends of VAWAM

·         Our Blogging Partner is the community of India based bloggers. They have a series of online events/programs which helps the blogger community to connect to each other. Their ventures have been instrumental in spreading awareness regarding various issues concerning children, women, physically challenged etc.. They are our blogging partners and help in spreading the word.

Bloggers Social Responsibility is an initiative by BlogAdda where NGOs can seek blogger support. NGOs can submit their details at BlogAdda, by mentioning their activity details and the support they require. Bloggers can blog about them and help them reach to a larger audience, with their widespread reach. Sometimes these NGOs need more than just monetary support, and the blogosphere can provide them with that support, by blogging about them. Three simple steps to support these NGOs is to Read, Blog and ShareRead about the NGO and its cause, Blog about the NGO by simply copy-pasting its details & creating a post, add your own insights too and Share it with the blogosphere and spread the word.

·         Supporting Us

A very strong and effective platform for taking action against domestic violence, Bell Bajao became popular because its very name implored you to speak up and take some action. Through several heart wrenching stories, their blog supports ours and together we strive to spread awareness and motivating people to ‘speak up’ and ‘take action’


 RAHI, a New Delhi based NGO works primarily in the area of Child Sexual Abuse. They provide counseling to the victims and also support by opening avenues for education, training and research. We are proud to have their support in our cause.

Women’s Web is an online magazine that caters to issues pertaining to women and everything that touches their lives. It discusses home, work, health etc by forming an online community of women who are independent and want to be in control of their own lives. Through their support, we intend to bring the issue of violence against women out for discussion on a bigger platform.

FlexiMoms is an online platform where women can take wiser and more informed choices about their career.  We are thankful for their support in this initiative.

Prajnya is a charitable trust that works for issues related to peace, justice and security. Their active support through various posts, factsheets and twitter presence has helped us in spreading the awareness about abusive acts against women.

The alternative is an online platform that puts together people and resources for social development. By promoting free exchange of ideas and views on relevant issues, The Alternative fulfills its purpose of “channelizing the growing philanthropic spirit towards developing sustainable measures”.

Women are usually the worst sufferers in war crimes. The “Women In War Zones” tries to raise support for such women. By sharing personal stories and creating programs to spread awareness, they contribute their bit for fighting injustices against women. They are supporting us by sharing their views through posts.

The Orange wall peace project aims at collating intellectual ideas and resources to help people in making use of them and work for peace and justice. Through their strong and powerful articles, they discuss various issues of social relevance.

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  1. Kudos. Carry the work on..

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