Eve teasing in India: Assault or harassment by another name by Nidhi Dutta

It’s an unfortunate truth that women are sexually harassed, and sometimes assaulted, the world over. But in the Indian state of Maharashtra, there is an increasing determination to stamp out “Eve teasing”, as it is called here, for good.

It was afternoon and we had just finished filming. My colleague and I were piling into a rickshaw, heading back to the bureau. And that’s when it happened. We were suddenly surrounded by a group of boys, barely teenagers.

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1 Response to Eve teasing in India: Assault or harassment by another name by Nidhi Dutta

  1. Kelli says:

    I was very shocked to read about such young boys participating in PUBLIC groping of the opposite sex. What makes this even more astonishing to me was that they felt no qualms about doing this publicly to women who were older than them. It is clear that it has become such a norm to Indian citizens that the accused suffer little to no retribution for their behavior. Obviously, this is not okay. The fact that these women barely receive any justice is beyond unthinkable. Aslo, “eve teasing” a term that seems relatively harmless covers an umbrella of different sexual injustices from groping the molestation and rape. Until the legality of this term, as well as its use by the masses, is redefined, I believe that no progress can be made to enforce harsher punishment for “harsher” crimes. I can’t believe that this is such a problem that men who actually recognize it for what it is and try to stop it are stabbed to death. I hope that Valerian Santos is able to make some progress.

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