Representation of Violence Against Women in Indian Print Media : A Comparative Analysis by Rupsayar Das

Abstract: This study aims at investigating print news discourses on a relatively recent act of violence perpetrated on women in India, which evoked a nation-wide non-violent protest, popularly known as „The Pink Chaddi‟ Campaign, 2009. We considered some of the top English national and local daily newspapers (online editions) for analyses; using advanced computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS) called Leximancer v3.5. We aimed to explore the frames in the news discourse through intra-media analyses, and perform comparative inter-media analyses between national- and local newspaper corpora. The „concept maps‟ produced by Leximancer v3.5, in the unsupervised-mode, threw light on the nature of the news discourse on the Campaign. We found slight evidence that some of the newspapers tried to downplay the VAW and took a detour towards political blame-game. These results somewhat reflected the results of Caputi et al. (1992), O‟Connor (2002) and Wetschanow (2003).

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