Violence Against Women Awareness Month…a call to join hands by Sandhya

October. The month in which we raise our voices against violence that is perpetuated against women. Perpetuated by men and women equally. Of all kinds- physical, emotional, sexual, verbal.

There will be much written by all our contributors about the overt, in-your-face kind of violence that catches the attention of everyone, even those who would condone violence. What I would like to draw attention to, is the subliminal kind of violence, that contributes to the psychology of both the perpetrators and victims, ensuring a milieu in which overt violence can occur.

Violence is done as a way of controlling a woman. I am not even going to go into the street variety of violence. Violence within the four walls of the home, where a person is supposed to be safe, is often the commonest place where violence occurs. Not just physically restraining her, but ensuring that she does not remain capable of thinking for herself, living in a perpetual fear of the next outburst. Even if the woman in question does strain against the stifling situation, and try to come up for breathing space, or even manage to carve a space for herself, there is always the fear that the perpetrators of violence will trod on her hard earned sense of self.

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1 Response to Violence Against Women Awareness Month…a call to join hands by Sandhya

  1. dipali says:

    So insidious, this:(

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