By lodging a complaint the girl would get undue publicity and that would adversely affect her marriage prospect by Indian Homemaker

Do you see something positive in this story from Lucknow?

This courageous father saw his daughter as more than a future daughter-in-law (dil in training) and a woman helped her.

As the society stops blaming the victims we will see more people reporting against such crimes. And nothing can be more discouraging for an Indian Street sexual criminal than finding their supporters (police, society, misogynists) being challenged.

‘…girl was returning home after attending sewing and embroidery classes on Thursday when the accused, Om Kumar intercepted and caught hold of her hand. The girl slapped the boy with the other hand and tried to break free. However, the accused tried to tear her clothes in full public view. In the scuffle, some part of girl’s shirt was torn. The girl cried for help but people in the street did not stop or caught the boy.

Read more here.

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