Whose Fault Is It Anyway? by sunilias

I often read in newspapers and see on TV with nauseating regularity that some helpless woman somewhere in the country has been killed for dowry. Some die within weeks of marriage, some within months or years, but the underlying story is the same- the greed of the in-laws. It is a never-ending cycle of marriage-dowry-death, and yet we learn no lessons.

[Statistically speaking, the National Crime Records Bureau’s report for 2010 says that 8391 cases of dowry deaths were reported in the country in 2010 (that is about 23 dowry deaths a day, with Delhi alone accounting for 14.6% of dowry deaths reported from 35 major cities), while 94041 cases of cruelty by husband and/or relatives were reported for the same year (that is about 258 cases per day)]

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