This one for the Girl Child by Meeta Sengupta

On the International Day for the Girl Child we speak of violence against women. Women who have been known to birth their own attackers, more fool they.  Women who hold families together, who build homes and communities. Women, who are the respected as the first teacher and sought as the first doctor on call. Educating a woman increases the income of entire communities and families – proven fact.

And yet she is is brutalised. The violence against her starts before birth – female foeticide is not restricted to India alone. Female infanticide. Rape when she is a minor. Major. Pregnant. Old. Attacked for being rich. Attacked for being poor. Attacked for dressing well. Attacked for not dressing well. Attacked for drinking. Maybe attacked for breathing. Just being there seems to offend, to bring forth the need to overpower.

Read more here.

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