A Request to the happy faces by Bhavia

Most of my posts arise as the after effects of discussions or chats with my friends.So here is another one.

One of my old friends caught me online and we had to tell nearly stories of 10 years to keep both of us updated till the present about each other.

After a couple of weeks,I came to know that she has done a serious online investigation about me.She knew about every blog post of mine and almost every comment I had posted in other’s blogs.I was quite happy about it and I thanked her.But little did I know then,that we were falling into such a deep pit of arguments.

According to her,there is nothing called abuse,marital fights or dowry deaths.She is newly married and just completed the honeymoon phase,so I brushed her comments aside.Since she is the only child,I thought may be she was brought up in a dream world.

Read more here.

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