One Tight Slap!! by Bhavia

Bus Stop

Mananchira Square is an added beauty to the Calicut city.I studied my 9th std and 10 std in one of the schools which surrounded this beauty garden.Since I had this fascination for extra-difficult maths and physics problem,Salmi miss and Annie miss had a special affection towards me.We three were a nice company after the school hours.They used to tell me how much I helped them in reading about new things :)

One day,after this problem solving session I was waiting for the bus at the Main Post Office bus stop near the Model Boys’ School.Only after reaching the stop,I came to know that some unexpected strike is about to start at 6pm to 6am next day.The time was around 5.20 pm then.Since the school rush was over,the bus stop is almost deserted with a few people standing at the KSRTC bus stop a 500m away.

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