Why VAW? – Fleximoms

Why VAW?


• The thought of boarding a bus in the city gives me jitters
• As a mom to a young daughter, safety is highest on my priority list
• A rapist is more likely to go scot free than a traffic violator.
• A woman may still be ridiculed for her choices at a job interview
• Women may still be asked to work for less
• A twilight skyline is the time to hurry up home for most of us
• No matter who you are and where you live, someone has pinched your bottom, pushed you around or passed lewd comments
• If you don’t speak up against it, you legitimize it
• I want my future to be better than my present
• Every woman out there deserves dignity
• No person out there has the right to reduce the identity or choices of the other
• Violence is really a crude manifestation of perception and power play.
• I may be overwhelmed by events around me but I can sure do something about it and do what I can do

Fleximoms will be supporting the VAW Awareness Campaign all this month. The Community meets in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkatta and Chandigarh will focus on the issues. If you want to host one in your city, mail Fleximoms at team@fleximoms.in with VAW in the subjectline. For details log in to www.fleximoms.in  or www.facebook.com/fleximoms

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