Learn to Live As Equals for Your Children’s Sake – By Compulsive Scribbles

No man, who has witnessed inequality in the relationship between his own parents, can treat women as equals. Rebellious women are bad mothers? I say, submissive women do not make good mothers by presenting a skewed idea of gender relations in the household. Family is the first school. This is where you learn. So, what do you want to teach your girls, that men are in control of their destinies? That no matter how educated, talented (insert more adjectives) you are, eventually it is you who will submit to another person’s will?

And sons? You want to produce some more control freaks? Each of your tears dropped in silence will bolster the idea in their minds that it is the men who have “power:” to cause pain and to protect. Don’t be too happy if your son wants to “avenge” the wrongs you have suffered at the hands of your husband. It is just the same. You, my dear woman, are not seen as an active agent.

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