Excuse me, I cannot give you Love – Vidyut.

SabTV has launched a kavi sammelan type show called Wah wah kya baat hai. It is a good attempt to revive a dying platform for poetry. However, I overheard a shocking wake up call to the attitudes about modern women. A participant narrates this poem to much appreciation. 

A farmer’s son goes abroad to study, and falls in love with a girl there. A westernized girl. A few days later, he felt that he could not settle with her, so he wrote her a letter saying I will not be able to give you love. I want to convey the reasons why he couldn’t give her love.

Let us get this straight. He falls in love, changes his mind about settling with her, and proceeds to write the following poem to her? Well, this sounds like he is the one with the problem.

Click here to read the poem and Vidyut’s thoughts on why it is offensive to women.

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