Gender Violence in India – A Prajnya Report

Why another report on gender violence?
The last report released by the National Crime Records Bureau noted that in 2007, the incidence of crimes against women increased by 12.5%. Andhra Pradesh led other states by registering 13.3% of the total number of crimes. Even without these numbers, most of
us have a sense anecdotally that we now hear of more incidents of gender violence than ever before. Television with its immediate coverage and continuing attention to the early stages of each case underscores this dramatically. The numbers confirm this instinct.

And then we ask, do these things happen more nowadays or are they more frequently reported or do we just hear more about gender violence than we ever did? The answer is, all of the above. But in order to make policy and initiate social change, anecdotal evidence is not enough; systematic research, combining qualitative and quantitative methods of collecting and analysing data, must precede policy‐making.

Read more here.

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