Violence Against Women Awareness Month – Oct 2012

It seems like yesterday that we, a group of bloggers, came together to
talk about Violence Against Women for an entire month. It was a
campaign that spoke about so many issues women faced in India, from
street sexual harassment to rape, from female foeticide to domestic
violence to bride burning, from honour killings to acid attacks, we
discussed them all, via blogs, twitter, facebook, across all social
media. We conducted twitter chats on the topic by experts, inviting
people to discuss these issues, hoping that be speaking aloud about
these, we eliminate the hesitancy people have about these. We also
sought to remove the blind spot that these issues seemed to have
become and get people to discuss it.

October approaches and like last year, we hope to make this entire
month about raising awareness about the issues of gender specific
violence, women in India face. Since the campaign last year, we have
seen gender violence,sexual and otherwise, reach a new nadir, with the
Guwahati molestation, the statements by people in authority either
with the police, the government or women’s bodies about ‘Western
culture and dressing” causing rapes and molestations and increasing
attacks on women by spurned lovers, by random lotharios who have burnt
and killed girls for resisting rape and more such horrific instances.
We’d like to plan out OCT 2012 across the social media platforms we’ve
used before, namely Facebook, blogs and twitter. We welcome volunteers
as always. Since our first effort at CSA in 2011, most of us have
fortunately or unfortunately got busier with more things on our plate,
and any help in any way is welcome.
We invite blog posts, twitter support and any other support you could
extend to help us raise awareness and sensitise people to the issues
of gender violence. Come, let us try to make a difference.

You can post on these topics related to VAW on your blogs, mail in
blogposts to us to be posted on our blogs, you can participate in our
FB and twitter discussions. Mail us at, follow
us at @VAWawareness and like our FB page

Warm regards,
Team VAW

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