Men Say No Blogathon

‘Men Say No Blogathon’

On a Computer near you, 24 November to 10 December 2011


What Is a Blogathon

A Blogathon is an online event during which participating bloggers write one or more posts on a theme chosen by the host. The host blogger links each entry written for the Blogathon on one central post on her or his blog. People who visit the host blog thus have a “table of contents” from which to go to read as many blog posts as they want. In turn, each participating blogger links back to the central post so that readers who want to see what else has been written for the Blogathon can find out easily.


Why ‘Men Say No’

We believe that the violence against women can be eradicated only when men take up serious action against it. With this Blogathon, we want to collect ideas, thoughts and experiences of diverse men and women on the importance of men’s role and the urgency of the issue.  We hope that this Blogathon will help expose men to ideas they may never have seen before and find unique insights and perspectives on Violence against Women.

The sense of community, change and action is genuine for those of us who hold and participate in this Blogathon. ‘Men Say No’ will allow bloggers and readers to really dive into the many facets of violence against women, men’s reaction to it and everything in between.


What To Do

We invite diverse blogs that share experiences of men challenging Violence against women, celebrate the action leaders, provide perspective on role of men, and even highlight the barriers to male participation & leadership.  All you need to do is to write a blogpost and share it on your own blog. Only that you should post this blog entry between 24 November and 10 December 2011 and mention that its part of the ‘Men Say No’ Blogathon. All the participants are also be asked to include the link to the host blog ( Must Bol (and partners) will market and share these blogs through diverse social media platforms.


It will be wonderful to inform us in advance about your participation in the Blogathon. Just drop a mail at


Why These Dates?

25 November to 10th December is the International 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, an international campaign that was started in 1991. The 16 Days runs from November 25, International Day against Violence against Women  – to December 10, International Human Rights Day to symbolically link violence against women and human rights and to emphasise that such violence is a violation of human rights. We would like to run this Blogathon in solidarity with this global initiative.

Must बोल is a youth led campaign to examine violence in our lives and speak out against it.
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Get up and Speak Out, because your opinion matters!!
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