What’s the good word?

By Seema Goswami in HT Brunch

“Of all the words that seek to hide a grim reality behind innocuous euphemisms – honour killings, collateral damage, dowry deaths – the most ludicrous has to be ‘eve-teasing’. And of late we have been getting an overdose of this word in our media because of the horrific murders of two Mumbai boys, Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandez.

These two young men were out with friends one evening when some ‘eve-teasers’ started misbehaving with the girls in the group. Keenan and Reuben objected to their behaviour and got into an altercation. The miscreants left, only to return with a gang of rowdies. A fight ensured, in the course of which the goons stabbed both Keenan and Reuben (I wonder, does that make them ‘knife-wielders’ rather than murderers?). Keenan died on the spot. Reuben passed away a week later in hospital. And we were told that the boys had paid the ultimate price for standing up against the menace of ‘eve-teasing’.”

Read the rest of this column here. http://www.hindustantimes.com/Brunch/Brunch-Stories/What-s-the-good-word/Article1-768184.aspx

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1 Response to What’s the good word?

  1. Piyali says:

    This is what actually happens. Girls do not protest and when somebody tries to protest such incidents take place.

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