Questions About Consent To Sex by the Women’s Web.

It is a difficult word. It can mean or not mean a lot of things. Can a smile mean consent?? “Hasi to phasi”? Haven’t abusers always used women’s sexual pleasure as a measuring rod of their complicity within the act of violence itself… their consent? Her mouth says no…..her body says yes??? She was asking for it? She was acting provocative and intimate? She said “yes” because she didn’t say “no” (silence is consent….how convenient)…..or couldn’t say “no”….or couldn’t afford to say “no”. She was powerless to say either yes or no. So abusers don’t wait for such dangerous self awareness in their victims…..they simply carry on.

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1 Response to Questions About Consent To Sex by the Women’s Web.

  1. Meri says:

    I was sexually assaulted by some one I knew and trusted.That monster was my lawyer and he exploited his position in the most horrible way.He was not even supposed to lay a finger on me let alone force himself on me.But he is still walking free as if nothing happened when every day is a struggle for me.And this didn’t happpen in some far away country where women have no rights,or where there is a dictatorship,it happened in Canada,a progessive nation.A nation where people think they will have a safer,better life. I am trying my best to cope each day,but it’s not easy.I don’t know what else to do ? Hopefully sharing my story will give me some peace/comfort.

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