The Story of Kika by Women in War Zones

A recent Op-Ed piece on CNN’s website spoke of one of the women in Congo, who works closely with the Wamu Project. Kika, who is a long-term resident of the Panzi Clinic, has a painful story behind her.

One morning, as it was on all other mornings, Kika went to fetch water. Suddenly, a bunch of armed militia turned up, and began assaulting her sexually. Kika screamed out, and her older brother, Patrice, came running to her rescue. The brutish members of the militia demanded that Patrice rape his sister. When he refused, they demanded again. He stoutly refused, telling them that Kika was like a mother to him. No sooner than he had refused, they swooped in to kill, and attacked the poor boy with bayonets and killed him with all their heartless stabbing. Kika was then raped repeatedly.

A week after the incident, Kika was asked to leave the house by her own family. Kika was given no medical attention until she made it to the Panzi Hospital. Since the incident, Kika was withdrawn, remained sullen, and found it very difficult to interact with people. Naturally, so. How could a girl who went through so much trauma ever be the same again?

But today, that girl has transformed into a gregarious, smart and happy girl, having been brought out of her shell with her consistent involvement in the Wamu Project. Education empowers women like Kika. Of course, nothing is consolation at all when someone is put through such horrific treatment. But Education sets them free. One step, at a time.

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