When is violence truly violent? By Dipali

The very thought of domestic violence is chilling. It is something that should never happen. And yet it does, in many homes, in all social classes, with varying frequency. My questions here are very difficult ones- does a single act of violence signal the end of a marriage? Should it? What does a couple need to do to be able to go beyond it? Can they? Is physical violence more demeaning than verbal violence that goes on and on, destroying the victim’s self -esteem? There are so many many questions, and no simple answers. So much depends on the earlier nature of the relationship, the perpetrator’s genuine remorse and horror at his act, the victim’s own assessment of the situation.

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2 Responses to When is violence truly violent? By Dipali

  1. Subhashree says:

    Very thought provoking post and very relevant questions. I too ask these questions to myself. When do you know that it is abuse? What is the breaking point? And I also understand the victim’s reluctance to get out of the abusive marriage. One might think that it is workable, one might not want to step outside her comfort zone, one might be clueless without a husband/family albeit however abusive he can be. It takes lots of courage to get out. Hope all the girls who are going through find peace.

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