Gender Gap by Lalita

The World Development Report 2012 on “Gender and Development” which was recently published has a warning that Indian women’s labor participation rates  remain stagnant and Domestic Violence is “Alarmingly High”.

This report also highlights that India has high rates of domestic abuse, high maternal mortality rates and the rising numbers are a concern.

To me what is concerning is that on a daily basis one hears about violence against women in different shapes and forms and this in itself is alarmingly high. One also needs to remember that not every case is reported. Our society considers women to be a cheap commodity and the fact that dowry is demanded in this day and age and women are killed on account of dowry, is anecdotal evidence.

There are several girls and women who are raped and the survivors are ostracized and victimized by society. So much so that many of them just decide to commit suicide.

Women are treated like puppets in the hands of men and they are only supposed to follow orders and lookafter every whim and fancy of the household.

There are women even today who are abused and killed if they don’t give birth to a male child!

If each of us doesn’t challenge these archaic thoughts and actions, more women will continue to be tortured and abused.

Each of these incidents should be a wake up call to each of us, both, men and women and  we need to stop this discrimination and abuse.

Following article from The Mint

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