VAW in the News | 17 Oct
Woman CEO maligns female colleague on Net, detained
MUMBAI: Cybercrime is usually perceived as the province of depraved
men. But a disturbing trend has come to light of late. Increasingly,
women are resorting to online tactics to achieve some nefarious end.
Recently, the woman CEO of a multinational corporation’s India
operations was detained by the police for cyber-harassment of a
co-worker in HR – also a woman.
The CEO, aged 43, posted derogatory remarks about the HR executive,
aged 39, on a consumer website to malign her. She described the victim
as a sex pest who eyed newly recruited young men and was also “having
a good time with a former employee”, said an officer with the police’s
cyber crime investigation cell. The CEO was traced through the IP
address from where the posts were made.
Woman gangraped by two
NOIDA: A 35-year-old woman was allegedly gangraped on Sunday by her
brother-in-law and a neighbour, a few days after the death of her
husband at Sadarpur in Noida. The accused are on the run after the
incident, police said. The accused have been identified as Parmanand,
48, and Gaurav, they said.
Woman found murdered in north Delhi
NEW DELHI: A 23-year-old woman was found brutally murdered inside her
one-room flat in Jahangirpuri on Saturday. Her two children, Rohan
(2), and two-month-old Rolly were also present in the room when the
murder took place. Naresh Gupta (30), who runs a momo stall,
discovered his wife’s body when he returned home at Saturday night.
Girl hired minors to avenge rape
NEW DELHI: A juvenile rape victim, who felt humiliated after being
forced by her family to go for a compromise, has reportedly hatched a
murder plot with three minors to take revenge. However, they failed to
complete the task and have been apprehended on an attempt-to-murder
Sexual abuse of minor girl: Cops launch manhunt
KOCHI: Police have launched a manhunt to nab two more persons in
connection with the sexual abuse of a minor girl at Palluruthy. Police
said a seven-man gang kidnapped an eighth standard girl and allegedly
sexually abused her in a car.
Police have arrested five persons in connection with the incident –
Augustine Samuel,17, Reneesh,22, Faizal,23, Sibin Joseph,23 and

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4 Responses to VAW in the News | 17 Oct

  1. RS says:

    Is it just a situation we find most career oriented women in:

    Doesnt really fall in any of your ‘abuse’ categories…just a killing of dreams…

  2. neeti says:

    The first news leads me to think how much should one believe newspaper reports. esp. when its all about allegations, and no specifics or facts are mentioned. Is it just to create sensation? implant notions in minds of public about working women even those at the top echelons of Corporates? It is funny to read it actually, esp. when there are so few women CEOs not only in India but globally. A woman reaching a CEO position (that too in a MNC !) has no other work or way to resort when she feels the teeny weeny bit of jealousy against a subordinate? She will be threatened by an HR executive ? (clearly there is no idea about skills for either CEO job or HR job).
    A woman CEO believes that women reach up by sleeping around? Surely a CEO should know better. 🙂 . I think the report (and the reporter) should be hauled up for maligning working women.

    • The fact to be underlined here is how internet can be misused to abuse women – whether the accused is a man or woman, doesn’t matter.. The points you make are valid as well. At times, some journalists view the superficial and more attention-seeking headlines and not take efforts to seek the real truth lying underneath.

      • neeti says:

        Sorry VAW , the fact of internet did not come out at all in this report for me. What came out overwhelmingly was supposed pettiness of women towards each other (irrespective of their worldly achievements)- the usual stereotyping. I think this report itself can be a shining example of abuse of women esp. in mass media.


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