Justice for Naina

My cousin sister Naina Singh spoke to her mother, Malti Singh, in the evening of 15th October for 30 mins.
Her mother got a call from her in-laws after an hour of this conversation saying she had died suddenly.
My aunt rushed to their place only to find they had already made advanced preparations for a quick cremation. My aunt was in shock and couldn’t think sanely.
Some of the people in the area as well as my aunt’s neighbours who went with her  saw serious injuries and marks around Naina’s neck.
The family then went ahead and cremated her within hours of her death. Naina had a 6month old baby.
My aunt approached the Vijay Nagar Police Station in Ghaziabad to register an FIR but the boy’s family had already been there and greased the Officer in charge’s palm.
The officer in charge, Anil Kumar, was rude to my aunt and asked her to leave the police station. She went home and was distraught. When I spoke to her, I couldn’t believe the situation, I asked her to go back to the Police Station and remind the officer that registering FIR is her fundamental right. I offered to speak to him over the phone too but my aunt was insulted and literally kicked out of the police station by Anil Kumar and his men. They challenged her this time saying ‘Dekh Lete hain tum kya kar leti ho’. As if loosing a child was not enough, the Police went ahead and rubbed salt in her wounds.
It is the second day today and we still have no FIR registered. I have now managed to get the mobile number of the Officer in Charge and can provide it if required, I can also provide contact details of my aunt – but please be considerate when you call.
Please help if you can.
Mail at justicefornaina@gmail.com
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2 Responses to Justice for Naina

  1. Aparna says:

    What a tragic story 😦
    Young women continue to die under suspicious circumstances and their deaths continue to be hushed up.

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