VAWM Fact From Prajnya 14

Emerging forms of gender violence


¨ Drugs used for date rape, where the victim knows the rapist(s), are now easily available inIndia, and used to render the victim unconscious.

¨ Initially and usually perpetrated for personal reasons, acid attacks have the effect of deterring girls from entering and working in public spaces.

¨ In the wake of disasters, the incidence of gender violence increases manifold as women and children are vulnerable to exploitation in the form of sexual abuse, trafficking, abduction, forced marriage and decisions about reproductive choice.

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1 Response to VAWM Fact From Prajnya 14

  1. Sue says:

    Date rape drugs are one of the reasons I don’t care to party in large groups containing too many people I don’t know. It could be safe. But maybe it isn’t.

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