VAWM Fact From Prajnya 9

Sexual harassment at work

¨ Sexual harassment at the workplaces consists of both blackmailing a person into providing sexual favours or creating an environment in which she or he finds it hard to work.

¨ Sexual harassment takes many forms: verbal (comments, jokes); psychological (creating anxiety by staring or calling at odd hours); sexual gestures; unwanted touch and attempts to force sex.

¨ No one is immune—from farm or domestic workers to those in jobs where they are trained in self-defence to senior executives and government officers.

¨ Fear of criticism and reprisal means harassment goes unreported and unpunished.

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2 Responses to VAWM Fact From Prajnya 9

  1. neeti says:

    Subsequent to Supreme Court’s guidelines on sexual harassment prevention at workplace (organised and unorganised sector) in the Vishaka case, most workplaces have incorporated grievance cells to deal with the issue. However until women themselves muster the courage and speak up , harassment will continue. It is for women to say no and bring the issue out in the open. Most women as said, fear criticism, ridicule and reprisal or don’t even realise that they have a solid basis for complaint or simply believe it will stop just by ignoring. In my experience , it is the woman’s perceived timidity by the harasser that leads to increased instances of harassment.

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