VAWM The Silent Worker by Iya

I am in Bombay for my first cousin’s wedding. Its a happy festive time. The whole family is together after a while and the usual merriment prevails. The morning breakfast excitement, conversations and laughter has filled the air. That’s when I spot her, quietly re-filling the fast deleting stack of stuffed parathas. She is one of the many helps engaged for the wedding. Head bowed low, agility in her gait, she goes about her business as silently as breeze. She is just like any other help around, the only difference being the deep and prominent burn marks on her neck, back and stomach. I am guessing there could but might be hidden under her clothes.

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4 Responses to VAWM The Silent Worker by Iya

  1. Padma says:

    It is this silence that makes men folk and other women think that it is okay to be abused. a slap or two does not mean anything much as long as the woman gets to share the roof with her male partner/brother/father. she feels protected.

    As long as women accept abuse as part of life it will continue.

  2. AT says:

    she has accepted the abuse because there is no assurance of a better future….Society, law cannot assure her that if she takes a step (legal) she will be protected…. General attitude is “it’s in their home, what can be done”, police will release the guy after a night or so in lockup. What happens next?
    We have a long way to go to protect these women. We need to build their esteem, we need to protect them from aftermath of their abuser…
    It is so sad and I am angry because I am helpless…

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