Maid to be Ordered by The Alternative

For two years, I worked everyday from 5 am to 10 pm, cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children. I was hit on several occasions with a cricket bat, my hands were pierced with scissors, I was even burnt with a hot iron. I had to escape.

Narrating the tale of unspeakable horror took the sobbing 20-year old Assamese girl, Usha Thopna, several iterations at the mike. At a public hearing on domestic worker abuse organised by the Domestic Workers Rights Union (DWRU) and NGOs Stree Jagriti Samhiti (SJS) and SICHREM, an audience of 200 odd people, including 4 judges, listened to 13 testimonies of workers from all over Karnataka. As women, young and old recounted harrowing tales, it became abundantly clear that human rights violations abound within the confines of the supposed safe and secure place we all call home.

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