The Other Half – Beating violence, not men

By Kalpana Sharma (The Hindu, October 1, 2011)

“Violence against women is no laughing matter. Yet, in Andhra Pradesh, the state Minor Irrigation Minister, Mr. T. G. Venkatesh seems to think it is something that can be treated as a joke. According to a front page news item in the Deccan Herald (September 25, 2011) headlined: “Cashing thrashing: Pati, Patni and ten thousand”, Mr. Venkatesh is reported to be offering a new scheme that he thinks will deal with abusive husbands.”

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2 Responses to The Other Half – Beating violence, not men

  1. Dr. Suri says:

    Hi – I very much appreciate this blog and I applaud you all for taking up such an enormous social issue. I have shared this blog on twitter and every FB group that I am a member of.
    I wanted to say that even though there is violence against women (VAW) at the most gross level, such as rape, molestation, female infanticide, etc, there is a lot of violence that occurs at the subtle level. As a woman myself, I often have to endure the dirty and pathetic looks or glances of men as I walk down a street, or get into a bus, or have dinner at a restaurant. And what is infuriating is the fact that it occurs whether I am covered from head to toe or if I am in a sleeves blouse or in Western clothes. I feel like no matter what I where or how I behave or whom I am with (even if i am with my husband), I will always be objectified by the opposite sex. I a still trying to figure out why this is the case.

    So, in thinking about the major violence that is committed against women in India and world wide, let us also give some thought to the basic violence that I find is especially committed in India, where women are not treated with respect, but more as a commodity. This is disgraceful and really very sad!

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