VAWM in the news | 29th Sep

29th September:


Vachati’s long wait for justice will hopefully come to an end on Thursday. The Dharmapuri principal sessions court will pronounce judgment in the sensational case in which 269 people including more than a 100 policemen, 155 forest officials and a few officials from other government departments were accused of brutal assault and rape of adivasis living in this hamlet near Harur in Dharmapuri, way back in 1992.

Among the over 107 people who faced the brutality, more than a hundred  are adivasi women. The latter were allegedly dragged out of their homes and taken to the forest ranger’s office in Harur, where they were subjected to worst forms of physical abuse and torture by government officials. The local police initially didn’t file an FIR despite complaints from the victims and had to be ordered by the court to do so and probe the incident.

The verdict


A 22-year-old woman was abducted by three Chunabhatti residents and raped in a moving auto rickshaw for two hours on Sunday evening.

Despite the tall claims of equality and empowerment, women in Mumbai are feeling increasingly unsafe and instances of violence against them are on the rise.
While some crimes such as dowry-related deaths and harassment have seen a steep decline, serious offences such as rape, molestation and kidnapping have increased drastically.


The caretaker of a girls’ orphanage in Nerul has been booked on charges of raping three girls in the orphanage.

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1 Response to VAWM in the news | 29th Sep

  1. Sunita says:

    That picture of women crying for having got justice after almost 20 yrs is so heart-wrenching.

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