Help us help this custodial-rape victim, who has disappeared from the Thana

We received this appeal in email and are posting it here

-VAWM Team

Dear friends,

Please see and share with others a request to President Pratibha Patil to intervene in the police rape and disappearance of a teenage girl from Afghar village under Khanna poice station, UP. Urgent action may save this girl’s life.

If you  would like to add your name to the Statement please let us know by email to
<> by Thursday 29th evening so that we can issue the
statement as soon as possible.

To the Honourable President of India: Request to intervene in the case of rape by SHO of gang-rape victim and her disappearance from Mahila Thana in UP

As has been reported in the media, in a sickeningly brutal act, a teenaged girl from Afghar village under Khanna police station in Uttar Pradesh who was the victim of a gang-rape was again raped by the SHO of the police station where her father had taken her to file a complaint. The girl has now disappeared after being summoned by the police following complaints by her family to the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, the Director General of Police and the National Commission for Women. In view of the threat to her life, we request Your Excellency to intervene on an urgent basis so that the girl can be found or her fate can be known and her abusers be punished to the full extent of the law.

We are shocked by this inhuman assault, which is only another case in regular assaults of women by members of the police force, with apparent impunity, not just in the state of UP but all over India.

We believe this assault and others on women in India are the result of a policing system that facilitates human rights violations in India, especially of women and children, including arbitrary arrest and detention, rape, torture and extrajudicial killing. A police force with members who believe they are above the law enables such assaults and makes a mockery of Indian democracy.

We are saddened by the inaction of the Chief Minister of UP and the DGP of the state. But we appreciate the action of the National Commission of Women in ordering a probe into the case. We recognise the role of the media in bringing this case to public notice and request that the media continue their efforts with a view to discovering the whereabouts or fate of the girl. In view of the threat to her life, we request that Your Excellency act with the greatest possible speed.

Jeanne Subramaniam

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2 Responses to Help us help this custodial-rape victim, who has disappeared from the Thana

  1. I hope this rape victim is found to be alive and safe.

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